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Eileen Wharton is now a Dragon!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We’re buzzing to announce signing the incredibly talented, Eileen Wharton.

Her psychological thriller, Hear my Cry will be released 3rd quarter of 2022. Eileen is a survivor of several tours of the Harrogate crime festival and will fit in well at Red Dragon, where darker minds dwell.

Welcome, Eileen, over to you…

Eileen Wharton is an Oscar-winning actress, Olympic gymnast, and Influencer. She also tells lies for a living.

Her first novel was published in 2011 to worldwide critical acclaim. And she’s won awards for exaggeration. It did top the Amazon humour chart so she’s officially a best-selling author.

She currently has five ‘lively’ offspring ranging from thirty-four to fifteen years of age, and has no plans to procreate further, much to the relief of the local schools and police force.

She lives on a council estate in County Durham. She is hearing impaired, is allergic to cats, and has a phobia of tinned tuna. She’s retired from arguing with people on the internet.

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