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Cover Reveal - Rabette Run by Nick Rippington


There's a new cover in town!

Rabette Run by Nick Rippington is being re-published by Red Dragon Publishing on Friday 4 March and we are over the moon to share the new cover with you...

Here's the blurb:

Middle-aged graphic designer, Emerson Rabette, is forced to use the London Underground to get to a meeting with his employers. There’s just one problem, he’s terrified of the Tube. It’s only when an enigmatic young woman arrives on the scene that Emerson is able to subdue his demons and overcome his paralysing fear of the Tube long enough to step on-board the train. He can’t understand her interest in him, but before he can come up with answers, a handwritten message scrawled on the carriage wall sends Emerson into meltdown: Run, Rabette, run! Suddenly, he’s running for his life with no idea why...

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