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Conrad Jones

Conrad Jones spent 12 years working for the biggest quick service restaurant brand in the world.


On March 20th 1993 the IRA terrorist organization bombed the shopping center outside the restaurant he was managing that day. The experience fueled an interest in the root causes of extremist terrorists and the reasoning why its perpetrators feel justified in taking innocent lives. That incident sparked the story of 'Soft Target'.

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Books by this author

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The Anglesey Murders

Unholy Island Book Cover.jpg
What Happened to Rachel Book Cover.jpg
A Visit from the Devil.jpg
Good, Bad and Pure Evil Book Cover.jpg
Nearly Dead Book Cover.jpg
Unravelling Book Cover.jpg
A Child for the Devil Book Cover.jpg
Dark Angel Book Cover.jpg
Circus of Nightmares Book Cover.jpg

The Journey Series

The Journey Book Cover.jpg
The Journey Back Book Cover.jpg

The Magic Dragons of Anglesey Series

The Magic Dragons of Anglesey Book Cover.jpg
The Pirates Treasure Book Cover.jpg

Detective Alec Ramsay Series

The Child Taker Book Cover.jpg
Alec Ramsay series.jpg

Inspector Braddick Series

Shadows Book Cover.jpg
Guilty Book Cover.jpg
Deliver us from Evil Book Cover.jpg
Inspector Braddick Box set.jpg

Soft Target Series

Soft Target Box set.jpg
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