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Our Story

Who We Are...

With over twenty years combined experience in the industry, the team at Red Dragon Publishing are in the best position to help bring your publishing dreams to life.


Author Conrad Jones has written over twenty crime fiction books, with the majority hitting best-seller lists worldwide. His self-publishing journey has allowed him to learn the industry inside out and he now applies that knowledge to helping our authors get their work out there.


We now have 6 editors working freelance for the company, who work with our authors from the conception of their idea to publication day and beyond.


Together, they offer a unique partnership. From guidance through the writing and editing process, formatting and publication, sales and marketing, RDP will ensure your work shines in a crowded market.


Our books frequently appear on best-seller lists and our authors are among the most well-known in their genre.


At Red Dragon Publishing, we believe every author has a story to tell, and every story deserves to be told.

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